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a chemical PHD. Got his first job at 55,000 two months ago when he had
landed for only 30 days.

Sailor is right, english is very important

Both the mechanical and this chemical speak perfect english. More, they
both have the ability to express themself for Philosiphy, Political
issues. We may need to know, a country man in china speaks perfect
chinese too, only the knowledge beyond daily life seperates people.
If you are IT, it dosn't matter. If you are a normal Engineer,
you may want to have the ability to talk Music, History, Painting..
whatever "show-off things" in english. Remember, when you chase a
girl 10 years ago, you need to quote those great writers, musicians.
In Canada, it is the same as what we did 10 years ago to girls.

The abv chemical PHD is working in the lab. Ironically, in the production
line, he sees a lot of Local graduated chinese Chemical PHD. I guess
the main issue here is his ability to talk like educated.

So is your english good enough? you ask yourself
1. can I make jokes easily in english
2. can I talk beyond daily life (eg. Russian sub-marine sunk and the
economical storm at home....)
3. can I tell people my point of view (eg. how china may catch up with
the western world yet remain its culture untouched...)

my 3rd friend, speaks broken english. he had an IT job as a system
adminstrator in 1997 when people in my circle normally had no job
or no meanfully job. He was the only king. And his idea is always IT, IT
and IT. He was laid off at that Christmas. But he was very confident,
and took a 3 month Orical training course immediately at U of T. He
graduated, but didn't find any IT job until now.

What I want to say is, even for IT guys, english is also very important.
you got hired because there is no other same technically qualified guy
available. Not because they like you. For a long term consideration,
you have to be liked. If people don't like you, can't communicate with
you, sooner or later, you are a looser.

In that girl's company, there was a chinese man engineer. Whoes english
is so broken such that his boss had to write a note to him in order
to make him understand what the boss says. That guy was fired very soon.

English is important. Good english is nothing if you knows little, speaks
little or have nothing to tell. We have thousands of second generation
chinese born in china town for decays. But if you see those general
managers sent to china from western world, you will find there is NO
such cbc from china town. You often find graduated over sea chinese
students be sent back as a general manager. why? CBC speaks english far
better than a Liu Xue Sheng, why not send CBC back to China?my answer is cbc from
china town often pretend they don't speak chinese. So they don't have
identity ( Ren2 Ge2). Eventhough they speak perfect english, no body
respect them.This paragraph seems to be not revelant. It is. Same concept.

One word: be a "high standard man".
---so you talk abt high level stuffs ( music, phylosipghy,politic..s)
---so you are somebody of yourself.( you must say you love china at ANY time. People
knows the cbc from china town pretends not to speak chinese)
---you have the ability to say abv so people knows you are actually who you are

whish we chinese new immigrants success!!!!!
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