From what I know, the Taurus is one of the best Car in Ford, but only in Ford. My friend want to sell his Taurus, cause they have a common problem, the engine often stops when you are driving it.

jimmych (tennis)
Your car just worth 4000$, and if possible, you'd better not buy it! It is a terrible car!
My friend bought his car at 11k$, without warranty, the next day, he found the engine stopped on the way, so he totally spent 3K$ to fix it, but it still does not work. This poor guy still drive it with the stooping engine. He want to sell it to dealer without telling them the truth, but the dealer only give him 1600$. It is a 94 ford Taurus, station Wagon, 168Kmileage.
The story has not finished. The poor guy made uphis mind to buy a new car to his wife. You know what happened, the new car has not been driven 100 kilometers, but was hit by a crazy black young guy directly when he turned left at a intersection. That black guy went through the red light.
I will never buy ford car, they have a famous saying about FORD,
Found On Road...
Good Luck to you!
2001-5-12 -05:00

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