1 u can, but do not necessarily have to, of of u can be the primary, the other can be the secondary applicant, this also reduces the monthly chore of writing check to pay; 2.

guest (guest)
credit line will increase gradually after a good record, or on your reasonale request;
3. 1000% line is sufficient for regular life, i would say, but there is no 最合适的额度, coz you want to take luxry cruiser to Alaska, i just want to shop in Zellers. :)
2001-5-13 -05:00

回到话题: 我想问一下:如果我和LG和建一个家庭帐户,是否二人都可申请自己的信用卡主卡,保证金(125%信用额度)会加倍吗?另外,1000/月的信用额度对新移民来说够吗?最合适的额度是多少? 多谢

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