Diploma or Degree? -- Computer Science Study in Canada

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I have seen tons of posts here discussion diploma or degree issue.
My idea, forget deploma, go for degree. People often think deploma
is far quicker. They are wrong.

The poster, me, male, chinese, with Marine Geology background in China,
spent 1 year and 3 months in the University of Western Ontario and got
a Master Degree in Computer Science.

time: 15 months
cost: 13,000 Cad and 10 Pounds of weight

The poster didn't know any computer science before. The poster is now
working as a real IT guy. And the most benefit of degree study is the
job is there waiting for you. In canada, the Campus Hiring is so
good that you can't believe. But in Senica, you don't have such thing.

The web site of Western Computer Science is
Office Ctc: Janice

Sailor, please make this post available for those new comers. I have
seen too many people spent more money and time in Senica but didn't
get any major significant harvest. Let's help them.

Contact: wjiang@2888.com
(pay attention, I am willing to reply e-mails after Sep 15.)
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