Maybe in Toronto this is right. But I don't think 200,000 is too much to whole country. The govement will consider the acceptability of the society, and this is less than 1% of tatal population. .

dongwil (金字塔)
I hope I can live in Canada like Maladuona, be happy no matter I am an engineer or labour. In the mean time we need to travel to other city if there would be an opportunity.
Most of all, who is more happier? labours or engineers? This is hard to say and depend on each individual, but happiness should be the right things we are expected.
So the right attitude should be welcome the Chinese new comers after warning them the hard situation in short term.
2001-5-14 -05:00

回到话题: 请问各位,到加拿大后干labour选择哪个城市好?labour工都好找吗? 我就高中毕业,没指望找个什么好工作,想找个位置出力不知难度系数。有知道的麻烦给透露一下,小弟在这先谢各位了。

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