I would rather write in English, but nobody responded to my post in English. Then I learned how to type in Chinese and posted the same question, I got more answers than I needed (thanks to those who responded) ...

guest (Clarkia)
Now if I feel I want to say more than two sentences I type a Chnese title and use English as thecontent. Otherwise I type Chinese in the subject field.
I agree with you everyone of us needs to practivce writing in English more, but I have also found joy in writing Chinese, even during the very slow type process. Because my Pinying spelling is very poor now (used to be good), I
have to try several times just to get a character I want, and I see other characters used to be so familiar, but now I almost forget.

I would say, use whatever language you feel comfortable, but keep in mind the English writing is one of many skills you need to survive in the north america.
2001-5-16 -05:00

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