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you know, there is a monthly statement of your checking account, right? sometimes they attach a small appication (say, VISA), they I filled in it, weks later, i received a leeter, stating that i was refused due to insufficient credit info---wo wu hua ke shuo;

very coincidentally, days later, i found another application form (in junk mail) from same institution, i completed the form again, then i received another anouncement, saying i am not quligied yet.

i was kinda angry, i believe i dial a 1-800 # and got transfered (sorry, cant find it anywhere right now)--i wait awhile---if you want to kill me, press 107, if you want to kill youself, press 108, kind of things, they re-register my info, and i got approved.

ok, if u happen to be with cibc (VISA), here it is:

toronto 785-3233
montreal 861-8877
vancouver 734-5121
rest of canada 1-888-377-7797
good luck
2001-5-16 -05:00

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