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1. Both Windows NT and Unix (various flavors) are popular. If you are just framiliar with Windows, or vice versa, you will lose some opportunities. But you can still get a job if you are good at some application technologies. You should claim you can work both on Windows and Unix. Pls forget
about MC J++, which is not true Java!

2. There are a lot of IDEs. Some people even use raw JDK and make files. If you are good at one tool, say Jbuilder, i don't think you will have difficulties in shifting to Visual Cafe, or Visual Age for Java. You had better put at least 3 IDE names in your resume.

3. Not understand your point here.

4. For a java developer, it is natural for him/her to use JDK libraries, including
Java Swing. Again, Microsoft and Java are
in two different tracks. It seems MFC is not so popular.. In a true project, people may
include some other libraries. For instance,
if you work on IBM WbSphere, there would be a huge Java library for you. IT seems to me that basic Java technologies are more important than some proprietary libraries.
If you give me a library and its API doc, I can
immediately figure out hoe to use. This is
comletely different from the situation in C++.
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