A townhouse of $200,000 with down payment of 25%(50,000), so you will have a mortgage of $150, 000. The monthly payment of the mortgage should be arround $1000. You will also need to pay:

bloor (不算太老)
1. The property tax, arround $2000 a year
2. Facilities (hydro, elec, gas, etc), arround $200 a month
3. Condo fee (if it's a townhouse), arround $200 a month

However, if you could lease the basement out, you should be able to get a leasing income of $300 to $700 depends on the situation of your house.

You could calculate the others by yourself.

BTW, you can find many useful information about home buying at the attached address.

Page Link: http://www.canadamortgage.com
2001-5-23 -04:00

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