I think many people still have a rather long difficult period when job searching or being as labour hand. They must shy to say this or complain their bitterness here.

dongwil (金字塔)
And the other who already found a job can post any things here without hesitation. That is why you see so many FB here, I suppose. In fact I really hope every one could have equal opportunities to post their feelings and experience for what we are doing. Hope few tough people could understand, as labour is not shame-making, no mattter the aim is the development in future or surviveship at that moment here in Canada.
2001-5-27 -05:00

回到话题: 看大家又是说吃又是说玩,生活的很滋润呀。哪象别人说的那样为找工作所累呀,都什么的干活?多长时间了在那里?

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