Hello, I got your email, I seldom check my rolia email. Sorry for late responses. I post here in case some one need it. When I applied H1B, I hold canadian degree. Here are my thoughts ONLY.

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1. Are there any words in I797 about how/where to get your H1B VISA? If so, simply follow.

2. If you are PR of Canada, should be ok.
Logically, "Home Country" means China for you and us, but technically it should be Canada, because you are resident of Canada . US consulate may check your background based on your records mostly in Canada. Same thing applies to B class.
Quotes from nvars:
"Please be aware that it is generally more difficult for applicants to obtain visas when they apply outside their home country. Consular officers in Canada may be unable to properly assess the circumstances of and/or evaluate foreign documents presented by applicants who are visitors in Canada. In such cases, the consular officer may deny the visa application and recommend that the applicant return to his/her country of normal residence. For this reason, persons applying for F, M, J, H, or L visas, who are presently in the United States on a B (tourist or business) visa or on a visa waiver, are strongly advised to apply for their new visas in the country of their permanent residence.
3. I797 or any I94 is from INS while Visa is issued by Department of State. They may or may not respect each others' decision, depends how lucky you are.
4. Bring all of the documents, but give only what they ask, answer only what they question.

Take it easy and good luck.
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2002-11-4 -04:00
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