14 Basic desires and learned needs

dropoutinmiami (东北的饺子)
1. a sense of personal power, mastery over others

2. Ego gratification, a feeling of pride and importance

3. Financial success, money and all the things it can buy

4. Recoginition of efforts, the reassurance of worth.

5. Social of group approval, acceptance by one's peers.

6. The desire to win, the need to excel, be the best.

7. A sense of roots, a belonging to something, a place or a group

8. the opportunity for creative expression.

9. the accomplishment and achievement of something worthwhile

10. New experiences

11. Liberty, freedom and privacy

12. As sense of self-esteem, dignity, self-respect

13. Love, in all its forms

14. Emotional security
2002-11-4 -04:00
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