dropoutinmiami (东北的饺子)
I think you made a mistake, that was not my charge.

xxxx you have to pay....

Listen, this is my name, phone number, if you like, this is my liscense plate. Do your investigation and if you prove it is us, you can contact us and we will accept the full responsibility.

xxxx you cannot go...:

You don't have a right to retain me and my vehicle...

xxxx call police....

Thank you, sir. I have told you that it is not my charge and I am not going to pay it. If you insist, I would like you to put down in writing that I was forced to pay the $11 charge. Would you please give me your name, number....?


Remember the burden of proof is on the gas station. They have to show enough evidence that you stole the gas, otherwise they cannot make it up.

the result? 通常是不了了之了.

警察是ENFORCEMENT, 执法, 不是JUDGE, 他们只能提供证据, 不能给出判决.

2002-11-5 -04:00
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