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"BTW, I learned something early from my study of music. It also applied to math very well, and virtually any study or self development issue. The state of mind you can expect to experience just before you understand something is confusion. Every great advance in a person's life, where you grow beyond the limits you once thought bound you, is at the expense at the frustrations of confusion, which manifests in a variety of feelings. Learn to recognize that its the same to the mind as pain is to muscles under excersize. Held within check, it's a "good pain" - a discomfort that results from effort at your limit of performance, which you'll become accustomed to feeling, and you reach a point where you gain excitement when you notice it, reducing the drag.

Best of luck. Your struggle is a classic, and actually a good sign you're facing in the right direction. Don't push too hard, but don't let up. Pursue your goal, and review that goal as you go forward. Keep your eye's open for opportunity; it's everywhere."


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2002-11-6 -04:00
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