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This is my letter to Toronto star:

I am writing this email to support Mr. Hardy Wang, a very honrest, respect canadian citizen for the case of discrimation of Esso gas station (Finch and Keele), I also want express my deep concern on the process and handling this case from police department, their professional ability on protect minority in Toronto.

The story is: Mr. Wang went to Esso station for filling gas last night, when Mr.Wang went in and pay his money, employee in the gas station accusing Mr. Wang for stealing gas. Mr. Wang was filling gas # 87 and Esso employee accuse Mr.Wang stealing #91 gas. Mr.Wang refuse pay for #91 portion because he did not fill the #91 gas, he was using #87 gas. So police called. Mr.Wang was treat badly, Mr.Wang loose his indiginity at all. Surprisely, police came and ask Mr.Wang paid the #91 gas, Mr.Wang, under the pressure of police, paid the gas bill for #91 gas.

Mr.Wang, as a good citizen and professional computer engineer, always act a honest citizen in our company or as a friend, I believe the discrimination is working in this case, why they pick Mr.Wang and police handling case like this, Esso did not provide any prove and police just listen only to them and ask Mr.Wang pay, WHY?

And It is definitely NOT right for a police act as court to enforce Mr.Wang to pay the gas.

Mr. editor, It is not money issue, it is about a person's indignity. Mr.Wang, as a high educated professional, he don't need to steel the gas (only about $13.00), and it does not make any sense for Mr.Wang filling two different type of gas (#91 and #87) in the same time. It does not make any sense he walk in paid the money for his #87 gas if he want steal.

Why Mr.Wang?
Why police enforce Mr.Wang to pay?

As a good honest citizen, we all has responsibility to maintain our peaceful community, maintain our Canadian's most proud value: fair, honest, integrity, respect and indignity. I see those values are damaged by ugly discrimination and unprofessional behaviour of our police, it make all of us loose confident on our most proud Canadian values.

Police represent as fair, community and our Canadian value keeper, I do not see it is happening in this case, why?

As a Canadian, I deeply believe in our values, we should not let those thing happen. As most of reputable media, I believe Toronto Star news paper is main stream doing anything to protect our values, I deeply thank you for your effort on this.

We will closely follow up with this case with Mr.Wang, and take any necessary actions needed to protect Mr.Wang's rights to restore his and our confident on our Canadian values and rebuild confident on our police. I hope you, as a Canadian value keeper and respected public media, support Mr.Wang.

We demand Esso apology to Mr.Wang!, We demand police an explaination!.

Thank you

Robert Choi
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2002-11-6 -04:00
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