Some Java interview questions

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1) What is the abstract factory method pattern? Can you give me some examples in Java API, XML tecnology and JSP?

2) What is the immutable pattern? can you give me some examples in Java API?

3) What is the visitor pattern? When is it good to use the vistor pattern?

4) What is the relationship between the sequence diagrams and colloboration diagrams in UML?

5) Now we are building a project. The account is a very important object. We need to analyse the whole life-cycle of cycle? What kind of diagram can we use in the Rational Rose?

6`) Have you ever used JMS? What are the basic computing paradigms in JMS?

7) In XML technology, what does SAX stands for? Who is the creator? What is SAX's adventure over DOM?

8) What does XHTML mean?

9) what is the relationship between Java and JavaScript?

10) What is the basic data structure in LDAP? What's the advantage of this structure over the relational database such as DB2?
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