Nationalism ...

ztech (ztech)
Good point, although tough to do. Not impossible. Let's change the word "thoughts" to
"belief", or even "religion". Something like Christianity, manner, presentation, etc, etc.
May nationalism is the starting point. Something like true patrism, Chinese help Chinese
and responsibility of present China and Chinese in a better way to the world. Instead of
things like 5 family sharing one apartment. Or hiring the Chinese in the restaurant under
minimum wage.
2001-5-31 -05:00

回到话题: 我觉得,中国红客们酝酿着攻击美国网站,有点班门弄斧的味道--互联网可是美国人搞出来的啊。而且中国的许多网站,安全性无法跟美国的比,用的可能还是美国人写的软件,如果把那些真正的狼招来,到头来岂不是偷鸡不成,反蚀把米?

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