If I got a job offer tomorrow, what will I do differently?

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One thing I noticed about this forum is, under "career and workplace", almost 100% of the post are about how to find a job. When you think about it, it shows those of us who already have a job, aren't really putting a lot of thoughts into managing our career once we got into the comfort zone. Issues like how to regularly evaluate your own performance and seek feedback from your boss, how to influence others without authority, how to relate to co-workers in non-work situation, how to "manage-up"(understand your boss' priority and style and pull the right string on him/her), how to increase your exposure within the organization so that when your department is facing downsizing, you have internal transfer opportunities, if your job is unique in the company, maybe attending external training/seminars could increase your network opportunities.... I definitely want to exchange ideas with you guys on all of that.

Layoffs will always happen. Let's think about - no, work on - how to increase our odds against the bad luck, and I think very often it's not about our technical skills.
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