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By: yeswps (5/26/00 4:46:47 am)

今天下午出去,在一家Mall旁边被一个中国人(有另一个白人开车,都在车内)用粤语叫住,我以为他要问路,就过去了.他说他是打工的,刚才刚拿到几套免费的音响,但是实际上多拿了几套,他不想拉回去给老板卖掉,因此想在路上卖掉挣点外快,然后可以和朋友去喝酒.又说他马上要回Missisuga,因此只有在路上卖掉.虽然我并不想要,但是他说这套东西在Future Shop要卖2000多加币,现在随便卖了.刚才有一个老外花了500块买了两套.他又急着赶回去,不想被老板炒鱿鱼,大家都是中国人,也不要极较那么多.总之,也可能是还没睡醒,我就稀里糊涂的化了150块买下了一套.拿回来一看是一个Speaker(很大很重,就是家庭影院系统里面的那种主音箱)刚才在Future Shop的网站上,以及别的音像店看了一下,也就是150到190加币左右.现在我把这个Speaker丢在一边,不想看到它了.(他最后还强调,要我自己用,不要拿出去卖,现在想想,十足的骗子)下面是这个Speaker上面的文字:

Liquid Cooled Audio Tech Pro Series
Studio Sound 3-way Speaker System
250 Watts of Power
Professional Loudspeaker System

12'' Threated Ribbed Cone Woofer
High Energy Barium/Ferrite Magnets
Exponential Horn Tweeter
5'' Ferro-Fluid Mid-Range
Reinforced Grilles
Quality Crossover Network
Digital Ready
Power: 250 Watts R.M.S
Compact Disc/DVD Ready


By: whiwhi (5/26/00 11:24:58 am)
Re: 我的遭遇


By: HaveAGoodDay (5/27/00 5:31:55 am)
Re: 我的遭遇

There is a saying in the west that "there is no free lunch".

I experienced a similiar situation in the US last year. I parked my car and about to go home and a guy approached me telling the same story. I have a principle that I don't buy things I don't need or not planned or not initiated by me, regardless how cheap it may look like or even free. I would rather let go the chance as if I have never heard of it.

Another experience was at a sales office (in the US) to learn about the time-sharing vacation property. It was a very intense "fight" that the salesperson spent over 2 hours trying to talk me into a deal, starting off by giving out discounts only good for that day, promising its a once of a life time deal, doubting my financial ability to afford, how successful those who bought, warning me I will regret if not buy and predict I will spend the rest of my life without vacations and miss out a life time opportunity...etc etc. All the possible mind games you can think of. I was just able to say no and decided never go to such kind of a sale presentation again. Just too intense and sometimes it takes quite some energy to say no.

Anyway there are many many types of traps...just be careful and don't bite the bait and you shouldn't be trapped.

Have a good weekend.
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2000-5-26 -04:00
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