need TOEFL computer test preparation kit?

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1 book + 4 cassetts + 1 CD, $40 / or best offer, free shipping inside

Contact: 416-609-8134

Largest & latest amount of official information ever published by ETS. Very up-to-date content.

In perfect condition. Bought at $47 US dollars last October. Got 277 after 1 month's preparation. Back in 1998, got 253 after listening to a set of 20
cassetts from XingDongFang.

More information about this book can be found at the ETS site:

"This edition contains 14 hours of practice materials with six tests plus 140 additional practice questions for a total of 980 questions from previously administered paper-based TOEFL tests. It is the largest test preparation product ever released by the TOEFL program.

The test kit contains:

workbook with five test exercises, plus practice questions (840 practice questions).
sealed test exercise book (140 questions) and answer sheet
four audio cassettes with 248 minutes of recorded Listening Comprehension material and answer sheet instructions
As an added bonus, the TOEFL Sampler CD-ROM has been included in the Test Preparation Kit for FREE. The CD-ROM, for use on PCs, provides information about the computer-based testing program, contains seven tutorials teaching basic computer skills and instructions for answering the test questions, samples of actual student essays, topics to practice writing or typing an essay, and 67 practice questions and review material. This is a must for anyone planning to take the computer-based TOEFL test."
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