You have understood me. I just want to explain two points...

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1). The first candidate, our Chinese countrymen, Ph. D in EE, was not enthusiastic in job interviews. If one behaves him/herself this way, I don't think he/she can touch the employeer. Both the employeer and candidates are human beings, so please don't assume that others are stupid. Here are some good words: confident, humble, enthusiastic...

2) The Ukraine candidate made a big mistake. He became impatient as I asked him some Java API things. He might thought I have looked down upon him. His behaviour proved he was not very professional, though he has 20 years of experiences. In a job interview, the candidate must take every question seriously. No matter how stupid the question is, you should not be impatient unless you don't want to get an offer. I have ever been asked such a question: " Do you feel comfortable at working on the Windows platform?" I felt inhumilated but I held my breath and answered this question using 2-3 three minutes. I got the offer at that time, though I did not accept it because of contract issue. If I could not control myself.... I would not get the offer.
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