agree, in my interview 2y ago i showed both (really!) and i got the offer

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i think my langunage will not be a problem, technically the interviewer (OSU PhD) had discussed a variety of aspects with me on phone and he implied that my experience and background was strongly qualified.

interview was divided formally and semi-formally into 3 phases: in the industrial enviroment i showed a familarity with equipment/procedures and handling, also strategically asked a few concerned question;---showing confidence

in the office, i was more than willing to listen, yet express myself, in a how-do-you-do situation i was bu bei bu kang---confident yet humble

in the decisive interview with hiring manager among others, i presented my stuff, including plots, reports, thesis, able to kan kan er tan, while demonstrating concerns over and willingness to facing the chanllenges.
by that time we were all happy.

in the meal with general manager (in a Korean restaurant), I indicated my entusiasm over the position and the willingness to relocate, I even talked the house rent/purchasing.

retro-looking my interview, i agree that other than skill itself or communication, confidence and enthusiasm are equally significant---it is also my attitude toward my north american life.
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