maybe I can do the job in another connection, but does not that waste the resources. by the way, I am not familiar with the CS and also, I have no programming experience, I started do it half year ago.

gemlan (gem)
but i want to make it. in this project, maybe we can show an attractive mock up design to the client, so , my first job is do business for myself.
right now, I only use jsp and java bean. maybe later, if I get the project, maybe I will use JMS and EJB.
by the way, bloor, we almost landed at the same time. I start learn java two months late, how about you..
another question, how to find the config in set the auto-commit.
in my opinion, if the sql command is still in the buffer, other users can not get the new insert record, but you can, for it is in your buffer, but in my problem, it reversed. how come.
2001-6-7 -05:00

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