An Odd Night

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The wind outside whistled. Laura held back a whimper. I'll be okay, I'll be okay, she thought to herself. She was a big girl now. She was seven! There was no need to go hide under the sheets. Laura remembered the spooky stories her older brother, Jason told her earlier. Those things couldn't ever happen to her, right? Monsters didn't exist.

Suddenly, an eerie feeling crept over Laura, like she was being watched. She worked up the courage to go about and search for any paranormal activity. There wasn't anything under her bed. Her bookshelf hadn't changed. Last of all, Laura checked her closet. Jason had mentioned the nightmarish stuff that sometimes goes on back there. She took a deep breath, and opened the door. Nothing was there. Just her usual assortment of stuffed animals and clothes.

"I'm just scaring myself." she muttered.

And Laura fell asleep, eventually.

It wasn't a few minutes before she heard a creak, coming from her bedroom door. She didn't dare sneak a peek. It's nothing, she tried to tell herself. But still, Laura lay paralyzed with fear, her heart pounding so hard it blocked out any other sounds.

She laid there for what seemed like hours, anticipating what would happen next. But Laura didn't hear any other strange sounds. She assumed that it was safe. But just to be sure, she made another perimeter check. Everything looked normal. But the closet...

Before she could loose her nerve, Laura flung the door open. A dark, inhuman figure emerged from the darkness. Laura gave a loud shriek, slammed the closet door, and frantically scrambled towards her bed.

Moments later, Laura's parents bust through the doors, and clicked the lights open.

"Are you alright honey?" her mom inquired.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" her dad questioned.

"M-m-monster!" Laura stammered, pointing a finger accusingly at the closet door. Her parents searched around. They found nothing.

"Sorry pumpkin." Her dad said. "Just try to get some sleep, okay?"

"No, don't leave me alone!" She pleaded. Then Laura saw the tired, worn looks on her parent's faces. "Fine." She grumbled. Her parents flicked the lights off, leaving her alone in the dark, gloomy, unknown.

She thought she would never fall asleep, but the night's events wore her out. Soon, she found her eyes shutting.

When Laura opened her eyes again, the dark figure was looming over her. It roared in her face, making Laura jump right out of her bed. On instinct, she screamed so loud, it seemed to shake the house, and bolted for the door.

One of her flailing arms had struck the monster's head, ripping its mask right off.

Mask? Some sane part of Laura's head thought. She looked back, and even though it was dark, she could make out a familiar face...

She stopped running and faced the being.

"I hate you! Get out of my room!" she yelled, furious.

Brothers, Laura decided, were the worst things on earth.
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