Hope some windows gurus cam enlighten us

jabber (jabber)
This is Jabber. I am very interested in this question. Hope Windows gurus can give us some instructions. Thank you in advance!

In my impression, Java programmers always open an MS-DOS and then issue the commands. We seldom go to Start|Run.

In MS-DOS, we Java guys can easily get a list of options for a command. For instance,
if I don't know how to specify the options for a Java compiler, I can simply type in "javac". Then, we will be prompted with all the options.

Likely, we can try "java", "rmic", "jar", "javap", "rmiregistry", ....
The premise is that we have the right PATH
variable. Otherwise, MS-DOS will complain
saying "bad commands...".

Novice's question is not a big one in Java development. But it is worth of discussion because we need to run other non-Java programms.

I am looking forward to guru's contributions.
2000-9-29 -05:00

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