got it: to get the most out of it, I need to make it into VCD/DVD, instead of a tape. right? as a non-techie, what I need to do now is get a VCD player, a CD-writer(i bet that's not the correct name),

guest (rounder)
a couple of cards I don't know the names yet, and a lot of self education... but hey, that's where men got the boasting rights to the wives, right? :-)
2001-6-11 -05:00

回到话题: 本人实在农民,对摄象机一无所知,想为同样农民的父母买一摄象机,要求操作简便,图象清晰,且在其他农民面前不致太失身份。请各位提供几个建议型号。并且:除了Futureshop在哪儿能买到摄象机呀?谢!!

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