One Good Unique Idea for Fathers' Day Gift

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

So you are too busy to think about a good gift for your dad?  Or you haven’t notice that Fathers' Day is tomorrow?  Or maybe even worse, you forgot that you even still have a dad?  Don't worry, I am here to help you out, one good unique and cheap (you can get it from dollar store) gift for your dad – a Magnified Glass.

Yap, that’s right, a magnified glass.  Think about how hard it is for your aging dad to read those small prints.  Especially those prints on their medicine (have you notice that the printing on those medicine for older adult are always smaller than other kind of medicine?).  The last thing you want is your dad have the wrong kind of drug, and now you have to deal with a retarded old dad.  After so many years that your dad make plans for your future life, it’s now your duty to make sure your dad has a bright future, well at least a not too painful future.

And you think that’s all that little magnified glass can do?  Then that’s so wrong!  That little thing can help your dad light things on fire!!!  How cool is that.  When he want to light a cigarette but can’t find a lighter?  No worries!  With the sun’s help, light it with a magnified glass!  Or maybe the stove is not working and no one want to call people to fix it?  No problem!  With the sun’s little help, have a real barbeque in the back yard!  Worry about your old dad with the power of lighting things on fire?  Nah, don’t worry, he won’t light your on fire, or at least not yet.

Well, for all that, you are welcome!  I hope you have a good Fathers’ Day with your dad and his magic little magnified glass!

Happy Fathers’ Day,


2015-6-20 -05:00
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