Please Stop Public Shaming Dog Meat Lovers

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

I am a dog meat lover.  Dog meat is one of the only few things that I miss about China.  

I remember when I was still in my hometown, we only had dog meat for special occasions.  It’s this special thing that bonded our family together.  It’s my family’s culture.  Although I haven’t had it since I came here, it’s still my favorite meat.  The fact that I am not able to have it in Canada only makes me want to have it more.

However, those so call “animal right activist” have always been shaming us, the dog meat eaters, for more than a decade long.  With the #StopYuLin2015, western activist now have joined the public shaming.

Dogs are just like any other kind of farmed animals, like cow, sheep, pig, chicken…  We eat them.  We feed them in farms, we kill them, we cook them, and we eat them.  If you think eating dog meat is wrong, then eating any kind of meat is wrong, be a vegetarian already then. 

I understand is wrong, if they torture the dogs.  But isn’t that the same if it’s other kind of animals?  Trust me, if it happens to dogs, it also happens to other animals.  Eating dogs isn't the problem, and would never be the problem.  The problem is there is no regulation about how should the vendors treat their animal. 

I understand is wrong, if they steal other people’s pet.  But pets doesn’t taste good.  They steal pets because it cost nothing, and the police don’t care.  It’s not about people eat dogs, it’s because the police in China are mostly corrupted, and won’t give a sh**t if people’s belonging are stolen.

All those cruelty that is happening, not because we eat dogs, it’s because the Chinese government, and the whole society have serious problems.  Please, if you have the effort to protest against the Chinese eating dog meat, use the effort to protest something more important.  The human is still suffering, how can they safe the dogs?

Please #StopPublicShamingDogMeatLovers.


And no, they aren't pets.  Only small portion of those dogs are stolen as other people's pet.  Most of them are raised in farms.


2015-6-24 -05:00
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