Six Reasons Why Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

1.Cats do not lick you all over with a nasty tongue

Yes, cats do lick you occasionally, but it’s nothing compare to dogs!  Dogs will lick you whenever and wherever, with their wet smelly tongues!  I bet we all have that time at a friend’s house, when his dog almost eat your whole foot!  Cats lick you in a gentle and loving way.

2.Cats are friendly to strangers

The thing that terrify me the most when I visit someone’s house for the first time is their dogs!  Or even when I am just walking on the street, I would stay far away if I see someone walking with their dogs.  They would bark at you and smell you all over, no matter how friendly you try to be.  The worst thing a cat could have done to me when it saw me for the first time is running far away from me.  And this rarely happens.  Some cats are just so friendly to strangers that they would rub you on the legs when they see you for the first time.   

3.Cats are independent and do not require you to walk them everyday

I just love the independence that come with cats!  They can play with themselves and take good care of themselves.  They don’t need your constant attention, but if they feel like it, they will invite you to play with them.  They don’t need you to worry about them when you are at work or on vacation.  They are happy as long as you give them enough food. 

4.Cats are clean!!

Whether you are dog lover or not, you have to admit that they smell horrible most of the time.  Compared to dogs, cats are way cleaner!  They clean themselves constantly.  You don’t have to give them showers or anything.  Your car won’t smell bad if you have a cat.

5.Cats purr!

Don’t you just love it when your cat purr?  Actually cats’ purrs have healing power!  No “kitting”.  The range of vibration waves created by cats are in a range 20-140Hz.  It’s a kind of medication therapy for many illness.

5.Cats feel better to cuddle with

Most of the cats’ fur feels great.  It's soft and warm.  They just feel so good to pet.  They are small, so they feel like a baby when cuddle with and it’s so easy to handle them.  Also they are so into it when you are petting them, feel like they actually enjoy it!



2015-6-27 -04:00
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