The Most Amazing Transformation That You Could Not Image

sunnyjclim (Sunny)

Can you believe these are two same person?  O_o what??  I mean the girl in the first picture is not ugly, but certainly looks very average.  The girl in the second photo just totally looks like a different person, cute and pretty.  “There is no way that they are the same person”, you think.  But yes!  All the difference is that one is without make up, the other one is.


Here is how all that magic happens.

First of all, that girl puts on circle lenses.  Then she puts on different kinds of skin care products, BB cream, and what so ever.  Then after putting eye shadow on one eye, she looks like this:


Not a big difference, but her eyes and skin look brighter.

Then she puts on false eyelashes, eyelid tape and eye liners.  She looks like this now:

What the heck??  Her eyes look way much bigger…

After the eye brows, lips, contorting, etc… and a wag, she finishes the transformation and looks like a whole new person:

That’s some crazy shit!!!

Now we all start to think how the cute girl we see on the street actually looks like.  But don’t worry, make up does not work these well on every faces.  If we pay enough attention, the distance between this girl’s eyes and eye brows are pretty far.  This might make her looks a bit weird, but it gives her a lot of space to change up her looks.  With the help of makeup, she is able to be different kinds of people.  She could be Asian, Caucasian, pale, tan, cute, hot, warm, cold… even a guy!  Here is the prove:



“They” are all that same girl!!!  Wow, that’s just pure magic.  She might as well goes to rob a bank, then just remove her makeup; nobody would recognize her after that.

Although this is quite an extreme example, but with good make up skills, everyone could look pretty.  We got to choose how we want to look like, and who we want to be.  That’s what I love about makeup.  We control our looks, things are no longer decided by faith.  The old saying “there is no ugly ladies, there are only lazy ladies” is even more accurate in this century.  We can no longer blame things to our parents not to give us a good face, with the modern technology, as long as we try hard enough, we can be fit, pretty, and anything we want to be successful. 

2015-6-29 -04:00
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