My Journey Working in the real world (1)

sesamebananamilk (Celina.L)

I have been volunteering around town and I also had an internship in the past.  However, I have never had an actual real job.  My plan for the summer was to get an actual job.

My job hunting for the summer started pretty early.  I started doing that in mid-March, writing my resume and cover letter for a teller kind of position at a regional bank.  It was a very nice position.  They called it as “Youth Team Member”.  The employee would work full time in the summer, and part time during school year, for a year.  The nice part of this job was that the bank will pay the youth team members to go to summer event as its ambassador.  However, it was a very competitive position.  In total there were over three hundreds applicants, and in my area, they were only looking for 7 people.  In total, there were three processes of interview.  First, if ones' resume looks reasonably good, that person would be invited to the information session.  It’s called an “information session”, but actually it was a group interview.  There were around 40 people invited to this process.  Then there would be around 20 people getting selected to the one on one interview with the youth team manager and community manager.  It was like the community involvement side of the position.  After that, they would select 14 people to go to the branch interview; two people at each branch.  Each branch manager would pick one people out of two, then that was the final seven people.  This was a position mean to be for a grade 11 or 12 students.  So in one's whole life, he or she can only apply for it twice.  I applied for it last year, and I stopped right at the information session.  And this year, I prepared for it and applied for this same position again.  I went to all three interviews, and I stopped at the last interview.  You know that feeling you want something so much, and you work so hard for it, then you almost get it, but you don’t.  That was how I felt.  And yeah, I knew it’s a brutal process since the beginning, but I was always optimistic.

Although I was optimistic, I was still smart enough to still keep an eye on other job postings.  Last summer, I work as an intern at a summer camp program for kids.  I had the opportunity to go on an interview for being either an on-call staff or an actual staff this year.  I wasn’t great at that job.  It was exhausting dealing with whole bunch of 5 to 12 years-olds.  However, they pay well.  So I decided to give it a try for the interview.  The interview went okay, but I didn’t get any call back or email after that.  Although I lost my phone during the week that they are supposed to call back, but they didn’t leave any voice-mail.  I assumed even if they call, they were trying to tell me I didn’t get in.

(to be continue)

2015-7-4 -04:00
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