Bain LISA's story

bartley (Bartley)

Happiest Lisa Bain Lisa Bain memory in the days actually is his childhood injured father to take care of her during that period of time, because before this, she remembered the father is always busy, Gu little, no matter father following achievements what a great brand, Lisa knew, that is father to remedy the love of her.

Lisa is Gonzalez Bain's youngest daughter, deep love, Christmas 1968, Lisa not wet floor, spinal cord injuries, need to convalesce, but because of particularity of spinal injuries, need to be very careful to take care of, Gonzales resigned from the clinical doctor in Vancouver paid work, take care of her little daughter, his daughter in order to reduce the spine and due to the physiological curve of pressure brought about by the pain, Gonzales used her bed sponge and cashmere modification, in different physiological bend do adjustment, to ease the pain of his daughter, with Gonzalez care, Lisa gradually improved, but still a serious injury to her left sequela, due to physiological bending damage easy to cause the body position of different nerve compression, but sensible little Lisa didn't want to worry about the father, has been brave, happy smile every day, but the professional doctor born Gonzales all see in the eyes, as far as possible to take care of my daughter, but also for their own to give her daughter a better treatment and depressed unceasingly. Maybe God was moved, a year later, Gonzales had a chance can provide more help for her daughter, this let him see the hope, room cyrtosis health study in August G Bain was established in 1969 1970, NASA NASA developed in 1980 the memory cotton material, memory foam material technology to the public, according to G Bain laboratory research and memory cotton material, is more like Gonzales's daughter Lisa was physiological diseases caused by bending health gospel, Gonzales love for her daughter touched us, and this kind of selfless love inheritance so that more people benefit, let more people feel warm, let us remember Gonzalez Bain, remember Lisa, remember because the guardian brought thanksgiving.

2015-8-4 -04:00
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