Do we really want Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair

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With the confirmation from our Prime Minister Sunday morning, now Canada is officially in the federal election campaign mode. The 11 weeks long campaign might be the longest federal election campaign in modern Canadian history.

Doors knockings and attack ads that last for 11 weeks might be a little bit overwhelming for Canadians, but this election, by all means, is going to be historical. The most recent poll suggest that the three main parties have very small difference in the percentage of support. The NDP leads with 32.1% support, the Conservative follows with 31.6% support, and the Liberals is with 25.6% support (http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/poll-tracker/2015/index.html). With this little difference in support among three parties, it’s possible that anything could happen after 11 weeks.

More or less, Harper has done quite some constructive things for Canada and Canadians through some tough time. I personally don’t have anything against him, but there are plenty of people out there want him to be gone. Some people say that Canadians want changes. There are Medias claimed that 65% of the Canadians want to see changes in the federal government after Harper being the prime minister for 10 years.

However, we don’t really have too many choices, do we?

The Liberals had always been a safe fallback for voters in the past, but the Leader Justin Trudeau just doesn’t seem to be capable of being a Prime Minister, and I am not even talking about the countless stupid things that he had said in the past.

He doesn’t really have a clear political stand on a lot of the important issues, like the thread of terrorism, but he has a lot of points on things that are not even important, like legalizing marijuana.

On his campaign ads, he claims himself to be the man of middle class, but he has trouble defining “middle class”.

He said he is going to tax more on “rich people”. It’s an easy and popular thing to say, but will it actually helps Canada’s sliding economy?

I agree that he is good looking and charming, and I might like him as a celebrity. But people, being popular, famous, and having an ex-Prime Minister dad are not enough for running a whole country.

NDP has been rising in the recent years. With the provincial NDP victory that just happened in Alberta, it seems likely to have our first federal NDP government in Canada. Their slogan that call for a change in Ottawa seems very catchy, and their claims for the future also sounds promising.

But how? How they are going to bring change to Canada is the real question. We all like the ideas of “fairness”, “equality”, “prosperity”… but how we can actually do it is the important part.

The NDP promise a lot without convincing us that they are actually capable of doing it. We don’t want to risk our future for something seems appealing right now. Just look at Greece; that could be our future if we elect the NDP.

I also have a problem with the leader Tom Mulcair; he holds a French citizenship. A lot of Canadians holds dual citizenships. It’s totally normal and nothing wrong with that, but it just doesn’t feel right if our Prime Minster would be also a French citizen. I know France is our ally, but it’s still two different country, and we have our different interests. If he really gets elected, how is he going to handle disagreements between Canada and France?

Harper might not be lovely or cuddly, and we might not like him. We might not want him to be our prime minister for five more years, but do we really want Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair? 

2015-8-4 -05:00
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