A job that you didn't know it exist

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With the economy coming to contraction in Canada, people are saying it’s harder and harder to find a job. People who already have a job might now feel they have to be more careful at work. Love your job or hate your job, you are lucky that you have a job.

There is one job in the world that is the worst job but yet also the best job in the world. No matter how much you love your job, you will find this job is so much better than yours; no matter how much you hate your job, you will find this job is so much worse than yours. 

It’s a really nice job. You travel around the world while you are making money. No one is your boss, and you do whatever you want to do while you are working. Taking off your shirts, talking to girls, making jokes of people around you… whatever you want to do.  

But it’s also a really bad job if you think it that way. Sometime when the weather is not good, it affects your job. You have to impress other people all the time. You have to beg people to pay for your work, and you earn different salary for every hours.

This job is a busker. Buskers means street performers, and yes, it’s a job.

Buskers usually have their special gifted talents, or a thing that they are good at. A lot of them have incredible acrobatics skills, some of them are great at singing, some others are awesome magicians, and some of them are just great at something that normal people can’t even do. They all give great energy to their audience, and they try to make their audience laugh.

Some of the buskers only perform in one city. But for those good ones, they travel around the world to different country, and bring their great shows to people of different nationality. They are called international buskers. Some city will host international buskers’ festival every year, and invite different buskers to come.

During the shows, it’s usually physically very demanding for the buskers themselves. A lot of the shows are outdoor, and they have to make sure they are doing their best no matter how hot or how windy the weather is.

One great thing that I like about the buskers though, is that that we never had to pay if for their shows if we don’t like the performance, or if we can’t afford to pay. It’s everyone friendly. 

2015-8-7 -05:00
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