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Making Yogurt USING INSTANT POT DUO50/60

You can make yogurt either with the inner pot or use glass bottles. 

The process to make yogurt involves TWO steps. 

The FIRST step is to pasteurize the milk by heating it to 180° F/83° C. 
This serves two purposes: 
(1) killing pathogens and harmful bacteria which can grow during the fermentation period, and 
(2) denaturation of milk proteins, which prevents curding of milk and makes the proteins easier to absorb.

Instant Pot provides two convenient ways to heat your milk. 

If you use the inner pot to make yogurt, press “Yogurt” then “Adjust” to “More” mode when you will see the word “boil” on the display.
Instant Pot will then boil the milk to 180° F/83° C. When it’s done, it beeps and displays “yogt”.

If you use a container or bottles to make yogurt, you can steam the milk by: 
adding 1 cup of water in the inner pot, putting in the steam rack and placing your container or bottles on top of the rack. 
Select the “Steam” function and set the time for 1 minute. Once the process is over, use the “Natural Release” method to release the

The SECOND step after heating the milk is to let it cool to below 115° F/46°C, 
then add an adequate amount of yogurt starter or fresh yogurt.
If you use a container or bottles, you can place them in the inner pot without adding any additional water. 
Press the “Yogurt” function key, and adjust the time using the “+” and “-“ keys based on the instructions of the yogurt starter. 
The program automatically starts in 10 seconds. When the program completes, Instant Pot beeps, displays “yogt” and goes to standby state.
The yogurt can be served plain together with other dishes (e.g. curry), or mixed with honey or jam to make a fruit yogurt.




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