Guelph Blue Jays fan has unopened souvenir Coke cans from 1992

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Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/blue-jays-fan-has-unopened-1992-souvenir-coke-can-1.3260767

By Andrea Bellemare, CBC News  Posted: Oct 08, 2015


World Series Coke Cans

Denise Squire and her husband Hugh Clark, have held on to these special edition Coke Classice cans since the Blue Jays first won the World Series in 1992. They've never opened them, but Squire says her family is considering it if the Jays win this year. (Denise Squire)

Denise Squire has carted around two cans of Coke for 23 years, through four different moves, and she's never opened them. 

That's because the cans are special – Coke Classic 1992 World Series editions, marking the first time the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series.

"I'm not sure why we thought to keep two cans, but we bought a case and we kept two cans and we've carried them around with us as we've moved home to home," she said. "We've always kept them in the cupboard above the refrigerator thinking that someday, maybe, there would be the Blue Jays in the World Series again," she said.

The cans have remained sealed for over two decades. But that could change. "We've actually even had that conversation in our family. And there's mixed thoughts about 'wouldn't it just be really, really gross?' Or, do you think it would be the same?" she said. "I guess we'll find out, if the Jays do win the The World Series this year, we'll have to come to a decision in our household about whether or not we open one and see what happens."

Her children, who are are 15 and 21, have mixed opinions on opening the can. 

"They're old enough to roll their eyes when we told this story and go "Why have you been carrying around two cans of Coke all these years?"   


Memories of '92

Squire says she has vivid memories of walking along Yonge Street with Clark, then her boyfriend at the time, after the Jays won. 

"As we got closer to what's now Dundas Square, I guess, there were older stores, so there's apartments above those stores.  Windows were open, people were hanging out of their windows, and sitting in their windows and throwing paper confetti and I don't know, ticker tape and stuff like that. So there was just this rain of paper coming down," she said. 

Squire also spotted Jack Layton, then a Toronto city councillor, playing a saxophone on the steps of a building. 

"He was playing it like there was no tomorrow," said Squire. "For me, that is THE image that I have of that World Series night." 



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