Federal election results 2015

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Justin Trudeau's Liberals to form majority government

Justin Trudeau's Liberals won a decisive majority government, capturing 184 seats. The Conservatives, who were seeking their fourth consecutive mandate, will now form the Official Opposition. Find detailed ridings results in our , see where each party support and view the by party and riding. A total of 88 were sent to House, see how the vote splits by party. And, track the Liberals surge in the over the course of this 78-day campaign.

Bruce Anderson, one of CBC’s At Issue panelists, called Justin Trudeau’s ascent to prime minister as a “campaign for the ages.” Sure, Trudeau is the scion of a former PM. But he defied great odds to win.

The Liberals started the campaign with a mere 37 seats in the House of Commons and were polling in third place. But once the ballots were all counted, the Liberals had taken 184 seats.

Trudeau’s astounding success also highlights the reversals of fortune for both the Conservatives, who have governed since 2006, and the NDP, who were first in the polls going into this 11-week campaign.

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won the 2011 election with 166 seats, while the NDP finished with 103 — and, for the first time, status as the Official Opposition. Four years later, the Conservatives have 67 fewer seats while the NDP have dropped 59.


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