FLEX: World's Fastest Chainless E-bike that Fits a Suitcase

dsnuffl (IDratherBcooking)

What are your thoughts?

This Canadian project launch is underway and is looking for people to help fund their project:

A real game changer for those wanting to "bike" to work without arriving all sweaty.  I'll be getting one to use on the West Coast.  Hopefully, there will be others willing to give e-bikes a chance.  Apparently, the founder has worked on this project for 3 years, and this is his 3rd project.  The previous model LE-1 (Light Electric One) is essentially the same bike except it can't fold like the new one.  And the project before that was called the LIFEbike.  He started it all in Vancouver and now, the company, Revelo Electric is based out of Toronto.  Anyone you know, who may be interested in this bike?  Pass it along and share with them!

2015-11-1 -04:00
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