These pictures give me mixed feelings.

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

1, this Vietnamese man is just like what I used to see when I was a kid.  No shoes, overloaded bike, all look so familiar.

2, Who is living in such a cold and isolated place?  The northern lights are nice!

3, Bottle lids as decoration is not a new idea; but to be worn on the head of a pretty girl is what I haven't expected.

4, For these all covered people (I could not tell their gender!), who is who is who is who is who?

5, The view is stunning, for sure.  But I also notice that this so-called grassland is dusty.  There is no green thing on the ground.

6, Nice arrangement.

7, It's not my first time to see this picture.  Just feel so grateful and so fortunate that I no longer have to "swim" in this way.

8, Wedding is probably the most important ceremony in life.  Even unwealthy people are entitled to happiness.

9, This reminds me my trips to South America.

10, It's a nice photography work!

2016-1-2 -04:00
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