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Peter Harris| January 4, 2016 12:24 pm 

Canadian employers are likely be looking for candidates in the healthcare sector or for retail and customer service positions in 2016. Those are the predictions from our friends at WANTED Analytics, who crunched the hiring data from the past several years.

According to their findings, healthcareretail, and customer service are the fastest growing industries for job openings right now in Canada, as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to nurses, in Canada, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biological product manufacturing are amongst the healthcare related positions experiencing the fastest increase in demand.

Workopolis’ research into the skills listed in online job ads also found that amongst those sought-after capabilities trending upwards for demand many appeared to be in healthcare-related positions. Terms such astherapy, patient advocacy, electronic medical records, patient safety/privacy, pharmacy assistant/technician, and many others are appearing more frequently in job ads. Read the full report on in-demand skills.

The retail industry is also booming in Canada. Last year, the demand for retail salespersons increased by 56.6%, and 50.9% for retail managers, according to WANTED Analytics.

In December of 2015, the team at Workopolis analyzed job posting data from the previous 24 months to determine trends in hiring and demand for positions. Here are the jobs that are most advertised online right now – along with those positions that are trending upwards, and downwards for demand.

The top five job titles being advertised online:


Job titles trending upwards for job postings:

Security / Loss Prevention Officers +144% [View jobs]
Licensed Mechanics (+64%) / Truck and Diesel Mechanics (+80%) [Mechanics]
CNC Programmers +549% [View jobs]
Tool Die maker +305% [View jobs]
Financial Planner / Advisor (+65%) – Retirement Planning (75%) and Home Financing (+350%) [View jobs]
Web Designer +55% [View jobs]


In good news for those just starting out in their careers, the key words “Entry-Level” turned up in 208% more online job posting titles in 2015 than in 2014. See The hottest career paths hiring entry-level candidates (with and without a university degree).

Job titles trending downwards for job postings:

  • Personal Trainer -85%
    Stylist, hair stylist, barbers -70%
    Welder -65%
    Executive Assistant -64%
    Telemarketer -62%
    Taxi driver -57%
    Dental Hygienist – 53%
    Electrician -49%


We’re still looking into the social ramifications of the fact that apparently Canadians have apparently stopped hiring personal trainers, hair stylists, and dental hygienists all in the same year.

Our research also found Canada’s most popular jobs of 2015 in terms of applications per opening, and those that employers had the hardest time filling last year.

– Peter Harris

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2016-1-8 -04:00
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