Failed gambler Qian Di occupied a guesthouse and extorted $3000

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An evil tenant blackmailed money from a guesthouse then escaped

Qian Di, a middle-aged Chinese man who rented a bed from a guesthouse on the Ash Avenue and Bowne Street in the Flushing Town, recently told the police that his landlord try to drive out him illegally with a variety of harsh means, such as locked the door and throw his baggage. However, the landlord Mr.Sun said, their dispute is due to Qian Di owed huge gambling debts, and can not to borrow money from him, then, called the police. Through the police intervention, the two sides finally reconciled----Qian Di moved out of the guesthouse recently with hundreds dollars the landlord lent him, and left a letter to landlord for a debt note.

The tenant Qian Di complained that his landlord Sun drives all tenants while hearsay the City Department of Buildings will examine to come. Mr.Sun locked the door repeatedly, and threw his refrigerator foods and some daily necessities because he refused to move out. Mr.Sun even attempted to throw his trunk to the street.

In view of this complaint, Mr.Sun said, "This tenant was arrested by the attack crime not long ago. He has no money after the release. I let him lived here by my kindness. Also I advised him to mend his ways."

Mr.Sun pointed out that cause of conflict is Qian Di indulged in gambling. "On the 20th of last month, Qian Di told me that he lost the payment for goods of his boss in the gambling. He was afraid that he might lose his job if he doesn't return the payment to his boss. Therefore he asked me to loan $1000. I didn't lend money to him yet. Soon after, I learned that he had sold his house which he got by the divorce case. He also borrowed money from many people and has not returned to them."

"He didn't pay the rental to me because I didn't lend money to him. He declared this guesthouse is illegal. He will not only to stay living here, but also will report to the government. He threatened to make my guesthouse close. In this case, I decided to close the guesthouse, and persuaded other residents move away. Unexpectedly, he began to engage in sabotage, such as damaged the electric rice cooker, and pried the doors, and smashed locks.He was using violence and intimidation. He spited in my face, and shook his fist in front of me. Therefore we dare not enter here again."

Regarding the case which Qian Di complained his landlord changed the lock, Mr.Sun pointed out that Qian Di knew the law requires that the police can arrest the landlord who changes the lock without authorization. Thus Qian Di use it as an excuse to climbed from the escape stairs to the 4th floor and came into the window. Mr.Sun explained that he would not change the lock originally, but he changed it later because of Qian Di crammed the toothpick in the lock.

Mr.Sun stressed, "I did not throw his luggage. Qian Di has no money to buy foods now. A few days ago, He ask me to borrow $3000, at least $2500. He said that he will leave at once, as soon as he gets the money. Finally I gave him $700. He, then, moved out on Tuesday morning, and wrote an apology letter to me. This matter was end."

Mr.Sun pointed out that there are thousands of guesthouses in New York. Tens of thousands of Chinese landlords sublet beds for the migrant workers. The beds subletting of the guesthouses are illegal, but they provide some conveniences for many Chinese immigrants who are low-income, and work for a living, or even to send money to home. The guesthouses reduce their living costs, and help the government to solve some social problems.

World Journal reporter / New York post
July 28, 2015

Translator: Ms.Le Zhou

(Qian Di, a Chinese male, born on February 21, 1971. He is living in Flushing town, New York City now. He is addicted to gambling, fighting, fraud, false debt, falsely accuses the creditors and the landlord. He has some criminal records. Warning: Do not lend your money or rent your room for the Chinese gambler Qian Di! If you find out that he is trying to harm you, please report to the police immediately. His SSN is 115-23-9532.)

Mr.Qian Di Claims that he immigrated to the United States in 1994, and obtain a green card by the "outstanding talent". However, Mr.Qian Di has not engaged in any work related to sports in the United States. He is currently a delivery driver for a cabinet company. Mr.Qian Di claims that he was born in a swimming family, his mother and his stepfather are swimming coachers. In the United States, Mr.Qian Di ceaselessly moving and borrows money from people but without returning. then he bilks everywhere. He has been arrested several times for criminal offenses. Every time, Mr.Qian Di always took the resume, "the swimming coaches in China and main achievements" which he wrote, to make and each other's a good impression when he borrows money from people. Then, he tearfully complained of his house and property have been taken by his ex-wife in the divorce case. The actual situation is, however, that Mr.Qian Di spent most of the time and energy in various casinos in the United States. His wages and borrowed money lost all in the gambling games, such as "baccarat", "Pai Gow" and so on. Then he must continue to lie and cheat money in order to live. He rented the room, but refused to pay the rental. He blackmailed his landlords. He reported and framed his creditors. As a result, he often quarreled with others, and constant disputed. During he lived in every place, the local police report rate and the police attendance were increased. He made the neighborhood out of utter confusion.

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