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Due to the increasing competitiveness of university applications and admissions, students not only have to be academically competitive, but also have a leading edge in a wide range of different skills. These skills not only apply to an educational standpoint, but also to future endeavours such as internships and career development on a local and international level.

A number of university faculties (for example, the Faculty of Engineering, Rotman Commerce at U of T, para-medicine and Management at U of T Scarborough) incorporate a student profile as a supplementary application.  In some of these profiles, students are expected to develop videos and a write-ups - which would allow these faculties to assess the student's understanding of leadership and community, who they are as individuals, as well as their knowledge of global issues. 

More and more, high profile employers are looking for job applicants who do not only have technical skills, but also have the capacity to assert leadership, critical thinking as well as concern towards the community and compassion towards global causes.

In response to the above, Toronto Chung Wah Chinese School has launched the Just Watch Me! initiative which provides an invaluable opportunity for students to interact with well-known Chinese Canadian leaders, who will be sharing their experiences of personal challenges and success. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to:


  • build their skills and leadership early while also nurturing their critical thinking, communication, and teamwork ability that will motivate them throughout their university careers and beyond.
  • learn about global issues that will enable them to develop their own perspectives, while also preparing them to become leaders on the world stage for the 21st century.
  • obtain essential knowledge about Chinese Canadian history and contemporary issues that will help them develop a strong Chinese Canadian identity as well as instil pride and confidence.

With only 25 spots available, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  

Contact info:

Chung Tang                                

Program Manager



*Scholarships available.  Enquire within

Toronto Chung Wah Chinese School is a registered not-for-profit organization that promotes Chinese Canadian culture through helping Chinese Canadian students develop their academic, leadership and interpersonal skills and abilities.  For more info, log onto:  www.tcwschool.com.

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