Internet connection report: Shanghai Pudong Airport

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

I changed flights in Shanghai earlier this month and stayed at Pudong Airport for several hours.  Signs stated the airport provided free WIFI Internet connection.  Connecting is relatively simple.  After I entered my cellphone number as prompted, I received an SMS text message with a passcode.  I entered the passcode and was able to connect to their WIFI network.

However, when I actually tried to access rolia.net, I was not able to get through.  Obviously, the Great Firewall of China was working effectively at the international boarding zone of that airport.  I tried to access my email account, and could not get through either.  I tried to access Google Maps, same bad luck.  Facebook?  No way.  

After many attempts, I realized that none of my online services were reachable.  I wasn't able to do anything meaningful there,  so I decided to give up and play some fun videos on YouTube.  No way.  YouTube was also blocked.  No fun thing.

I felt it was really strange that I was able to connect to WIFI but could not actually access the Internet.  

To summarize, the following websites/services were totally blocked at Shanghai Pudong Airport:  
Google Search
Google Maps
Google Calendar
Google News

2016-11-20 -04:00
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