The Top 5 Foods You Need In Your Kitchen

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Despite the growing amount of research proving just how important healthy food choices are in decreasing modern-day diseases of affluence (like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Stroke), the general public continues to struggle at reducing their processed food intake and increasing theirfresh.greens

However difficult breaking food addictions can be, it is clear suchhabits need to be eliminated. For example, just one fizzy soda a day increases one’s chance for Diabetes by 29% – and half of the population drinks about 2.5 glasses per day!

So how does one get started in becoming healthier? Quite simply, they begin by adding cleaner food choices into their life. By having quick access to healing foods which are nutrient-dense, one may more easily curb mindless consumption habits and in result, begin to cleanse the cells slowly. When additive substances are removed from the body by healthful nutrients from foods like those listed below, it physiologically becomes easier to eat healthier because things will taste better.

If you’re ready to improve your health and kick past excuses to the curb, make sure the following foods are in your kitchen at all times.

Kale & Leafy Greens

There’s an unlimited amount of leafy, green vegetables that you can consume because they are low calorie and bursting with enzymes, nutrients, and fiber – all essential maintaining a healthy body. If you keep a tub of fresh salad on hand (and make effort to consume a bowl with a tasty, simple, home-made dressing every night), you will feel more vibrant and consume less of foods which may not be as beneficial for your health.

Kale especially is a nutritional powerhouse: just one cup of chopped kale contains 9% of the daily recommendation for calcium, 206% of Vitamin A, 134% of Vitamin C, and an incredible 684% of Vitamin K!  Keep it in your refrigerator drawer and use it quickly! (Source)

Fresh Fruit

The key to losing weight, feeling better, and enriching your life is to keep fresh, preferably organic, and seasonal fruit on hand. This can range from having economical bananas on the counter, to storing summer peaches in a cool place when they are in season.

Fruit is nature’s true fast food, and consuming this instead of candy bars or chips when craving a snack will hydrate your body and support vibrant health.


The Aztecs used to consume chia (an Omega-3 rich superfood!) for improved endurance and its energy-promoting benefits. If you, like many, find yourself fatigued by mid-day, keep chia porridge in your fridge (a great take-to-work treat) and allow it’s gelatinous pudding-texture to soothe away hunger, balance your blood sugar, and revitalize your brain with its healthy fats.

A great (and easy) recipe you can mix and let sit overnight can be found here. (Source)

Frozen Berries

Fresh or frozen, berries are blooming with anti-oxidants and are low-glycemic sweet treats. Keeping these on hand can be incredibly beneficial at motivating you to make a smoothie every morning or afternoon.

A smoothie – blended fruit, leafy greens, and a nut milk or fresh juice – combines all parts of nourishing, plant-based ingredients and is easy to take on-the-go or sip along with a healthy breakfast in the morning. Frozen berries enhance the taste and improve the texture of smoothies; healing fruits and veg have never tasted so good!

Nuts / Seeds

When you’re craving a crunch, what do you reach for? Many mindlessly sneak a hand into a potato chip bag, but with all the trans fats and high levels of sodium, you know this isn’t good for your health.

Instead, keep a bag with 1-2 oz of almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, or a trail mix in your purse of bag to tide you over in-between meals.

Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you satiated andenergized as your body runs optimally on nature’s wholesome, uncompromised foods.

By keeping healthier food options in your kitchen and removing unhealthy culprits of the westernized diet from your life, you will inevitably experience better mental function, a more optimistic outlook, and improved physical health.



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