7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier You

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by Amanda Froelich 

It doesn't need to be difficult: Add in these seven, wonderfully-awesome steps and watch yourself blossom with new life in no time!

Yes, we get it: Being healthy in the modern world is tough because all of the inconveniently unhealthy ‘convenience’ foods, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in many areas of the world, and societal madness at treating those who do yoga and hug trees like hippies. Well…

But enough complaining, because we’ve got you taken care of. The world is changing, and there are literally no excuses anymore when it comes to accelerating healing and living the life you desire. Information, tools, contacts of assistance, and more are widely available in this universe of Abundance, and it’s time you commence your own journey to Well-ville by implementing thefollowing 7 steps which are so simple and easy, you won’t even realize your becoming healthier while you practice them.

1) Breathe. Deep.

We – all people – are really good at suppressing emotions, holding in anxiety, and even subconsciously suppressing our inner desires… All of this can be let out with a few good, deep inhales. This act willoxygenate your body, reduce stress, help put you at peace, and lower your blood pressure.

Try it! For 2 minutes, take deep, slow breathes (or try this wonderfully outlined Pranayama practice) while calming your mind. You’ll likely feel a bit better than when you began. It’s the little steps that count!

2) Sleep with the Window Open

Cool, refreshing air is right outside of that thick, concrete wall. All you need to do is crack that window open – even a little bit – to let some negatively-charged, oxygen-infused air slip into your bedroom. Of course we don’t recommend this if you live in a very polluted and noisy location, but if you’re fortunate enough to have – say, a tree and maybe a garden – outside your bedroom, reap the benefits.

Doing this has been shown to help you sleep better, feel more refreshed, and become more peaceful. Nature rocks like that.

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

3) Have More REAL Sex

Your jaw just dropped. That’s good, because what the incoming generation believes to be ‘sex’ is actually no more than two (or three?) animals coming together to engage in a guttural, low-vibrational mating. Volatile as this statement may sound, true human connection and sexual communion is a gift – a moving meditation of sorts – that has not only been proven to be incredibly beneficial for the body, but has great potential to help transform the minds and intellect of those that feel brave enough to explore it.

As this brilliant weblog exposes, ancients of past knew that a liberating art form takes place – pure creation – when two conscious, open-hearted beings bare their hearts and souls to each other through physical, emotional, and spiritual communion. You don’t need us to go on, but just know that if you venture to become better acquainted with your true self, form long-term, loving relationships with a specific partner, and feel more fulfilled (in more ways than one), it’s time you give yourself the gift of tantric sex.

4) Get More Green

by Amanda Froelich 

People commit to heart – and actually believe – what Kermit once said, “It’s not easy being green.”But really, that excuse has passed. It is so easy to not only ‘be more green’ through sustainable action (have you seen what Rob Greenfield is digging up in dumpsters? Or this group in Africa helping communities grow themselves out of poverty?), but include more greens into your diet than ever before.

Two steps: All you have to do is ADD the following to your daily regimen, and you’ll reap the incredible heart-boosting benefits.

1)      Follow this guide to make a green smoothie in the morning.

2)      Add a big, rainbow-colored salad to your evening meal. CHECK the dressing before it checks YOU into a hospital. Any artificial ingredients? Refined sugar? Preservatives? Ditch it and make a super delicious one like the Greek salad dressing found here.

Source: ReBloggy

Source: ReBloggy

5) Tell Yourself Every Day, “I Love You”

Bonus points if you do this in front of a mirror. Until you love yourself, you will never be able to expose and share your true, unconditional love for anyone else (and that would mean missing out on #3… What a shame). Forming a loving bond for yourself, working through your ‘perfect imperfections’, and allowing faith in your desires to be met is key for lasting happiness and healing. You’re worth it, therefore make this step a daily a habit and watch your life bloom.

6) Walk it Out

Arghhhh! That person (your boss, mom, friend, co-worker) just really got under your skin. Makes you want to… eat? If you’re 70% of the population, that’s likely so. Again – many cultures around the world are incredibly suppressed and are trained to bury their feelings through addiction(s) and food.

Instead of groping for greasy comfort food, take a walk. This may take some deep will-power, but while you’re walking, you’ll be oxygenating your cells, training yourself to FACE the problem and work through it, and even doing your body a favor by getting some exercise.

When you feel calm, and only IF you’re still hungry, reach for a healthy, satiating snack like nuts, seeds, and/or fruit. This will allow the need to bite down on something to pass until you have a clearer head.

Remember – what you suppress or avoid will continue to bounce back into your life until you deal with it.

7) Tell Those Around You, “I Love You”

Research shows those that live the longest, happiest, most fulfilling lives have strong social ties. (Healthy at 100, John Robbins) No matter what you look like or your seemingly impossible dreams, those that are around you and love you make this life worth living. Take pride in that, and honor those that have consciously chosen to share space and time with you by letting them know it.

The age of stifling emotions, holding in desires, and wishing on stars has passed. If you are truly grateful for the presence of someone else, speak up – you’ll likely brighten their day as well.


Seven easy steps, and all you have to do is decide to begin today. If you keep in mind the truth thatthe universe is abundant and you deserve to experience vibrant health and your realized dreams, success will be the only outcome of such heroic effort.

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