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Does your company has any types of forecasting before? How about Plan? I would suggest you to check the existing process/templates/methodology first and don’t make any drastic changes. Planning and Forecasting usually go hand in hand. We compare our forecast with the plan. To apply a totally different approach in forecasting may cause the difficulties of explaining the variance. Of course, there are always exceptions, which leads to my second question.
Do you know what triggers this requirement? What’s the management’s objective? I guess if they are satisfied with the current forecasting, you probably won’t ask the question. Just follow what they did the year before. Since you ask the question, I sense there is something they need you to fix. Then, what’s the hidden mandate? Revenue or opex? Trust me. This is very important.

Besides the templates or models, I would also suggest you to review the existing process, timeline, stakeholders involved, review and approval plicy, etc. Not sure how much authority you have on deciding the scope and the frequency of the forecasting. If you do have a say, please carefully plan it.

The companies I have worked for are medium to large in terms of size. What I suggested might not apply to your circumstance well. To comment on Forecasting such a big subject might not be a task for one person. Look forward to other's input.
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2014-9-4 -05:00
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