太好了,谢谢~ 我贴个简短的吧,因为其他的是essay,怕会占用大家宝贵的时间。

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这道题 一共5道小题,要求列出type of threat and safeguard. 其中两小题的safeguard 我觉得我列出的就是grader's comment的一个意思,但是一分没拿。

Intimidation threat Safeguard:
CGA independence Standard:
2.48(d) discussing independence issues with members of the audit committee or, in the absence of an audit committee, those charged with governance;
2.47(j) designating a member of senior management to be responsible for overseeing the adequate functioning of the safeguarding system;
Or, the engagement team can replace another auditor for continuing the audit engagement.

Grader's comment: [choose team members who are confident and experienced; secure support from audit senior in discussion with controller]

Self-review threat:
CGA independence Standard:
2.47 (g) using different partners and engagement teams with separate reporting lines for the provision of non-assurance services to a client.
Alternatively, the review engagement team could remove the junior staff from the team.

Grader's comments: [partner or sr person with appropriate expertise who is not member of engagement team should review work performed]
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