政府部门太忙了, 要招新人。详情见内。看看这里有没有人感兴趣。可以发简历给我。

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• Assignment Name: Telecommunications Business Operations Controllership
• Anticipated Assignment Start Date: Monday, January 25, 2016
• Anticipated Assignment End Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2017
• Working Days: 250 Business days
• Work Location - Downtown Toronto

The Ontario Public Service provisions telecommunications and networking services from third party vendors under a centralized service delivery model for all ministries across Ontario.

Telecommunications Services Branch is responsible for providing contractual and fiscal oversight for these service contracts as well as for managing billing and recovery operations for these services.

The business operations unit is at maximum capacity and urgently requires an additional financial analyst to support the day to day operations of the Branch.

The team responsible for telecom financials is heavily involved in the pricing of new telecommunications services and is struggling with the work load. It needs bench strength to continue to sustain its financial and analytical capacity to ensure the Branch can continue to identify and harvest cost savings and provide timely reporting to clients on expenditures.


• Supports all functions related to all aspects of controllership, financial statements and reporting for the Branch.
• Provides advice and recommendations to team lead, financial management on financial risks and controllership issues.
• Prepares data visualisations, reports and dashboards from multiple data source on expenditures
• Cleans up, organizes and presents historical data on services
• Provides reports to branch senior management on service asset inventory, movements (trending), capacity to optimize service asset levels
• Support the ongoing development of the financial data model
• Support the ongoing development of the billing data model
• Help to design and develop the means to extract data from the Service Order Management tool to maintain an inventory of services
• Helps to design, develop and maintain recovery model that is sustainable and transparent to customers (e.g. user seat)
• Develops databases for the purposes of analysing data
• Supports the branch forecasting process throughout the financial planning cycle for in-year quarterly reports
• Liaises with all branch program areas and with central agencies
• Supports the coordination of the preparation of Treasury Board Orders including year-end submissions.
• Provides support on the following tasks where and when required:
• Coordination of IFIS cash and accrual calendarization including the calendarization of the branch's annual budget and reforecast.
• Development of ministry cash and accrual calendarization based on historical spending patterns and program-specific information.
• Liaision with central agency staff on variances between reforecasts and actuals.
• Financial analysis and review in support of the Branch budgeting, expenditure and recovery forecasting functions, in-year expenditure and recovery monitoring, Printed Estimates reporting.
• Preparation and analysis of monthly reports on IFIS and BI
• Reconciliation of actuals and conducts forecasts to year-end.
• Reports review with senior branch staff to identify emerging issues prior to preparing final reports for approval by Unit/Branch management.
• Provision of explanations of variances
• Liaison with branch staff to investigate anomalies in financial analysis and reviews it for accuracy of financial information, data and advice for distribution as required for financial/budget forecasting, and the coordination and preparation of reports and journals.

Requirement 1 Demonstrated experience with developing databases
Requirement 2 5 years experience working with Microsoft Excel (or equivalent), with hands on experience creating pivot tables and macros
Requirement 3 3 years experience developing financial reports
Requirement 4 2 years experience creating data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources
Requirement 5 2 years demonstrated experience with financial and billing modelling

Can the resource demonstrate five years experience performing financial analysis and review in support of governmental budgeting, expenditure and recovery forecasting functions, in-year expenditure and recovery monitoring and reporting?
Can the resource demonstrate five years experience investigating anomalies in financial documents analysing and reviewing it for accuracy of financial information?
Can the resource demonstrate two years experience working with a business intelligence tool like Cognos or similar ?
Can the resource demonstrate two years experience conducting financial and billing modelling?
Can the resource demonstrate two years experience in voice and data expense management ?
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