老革命新问题:UCCB and Child Care Expense

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A:收入 80000 (LINE 150)
B:收入 79000 (LINE 150)
先填117 UCCB 1920
If you had a spouse or common-law partner on December 31, 2015, the one of you with the lower net income must report the UCCB.
A: LINE 150 became 80000
B: LINE 150 became 80920
再填224 Child Care Expense 8000
If there is another person, the person with the lower net income (including zero income) must claim the child care expenses。
A: LINE 236 net income became 72000.
B: LINE 236 net income became 80920.

现状:PUT UCCB on B, but Child Care Expense on A
cannot generate net eflile
“The UCCB income is not reported on the return of the lower income spouse. Note that the child care credit (line 214) and social assistance should not be included in the net income used to determine the return that declares the UCCB amount.”

①是不是UCCB and Child Care Expense 必须填在同一人名下?
3) UCCB和ChildCareExpense到底如何填?有否先后顺序?
可能的填法?there must be a correct one
A)填UCCB和CCE前先看LINE236(net income)再把UCCB和CCE填在236低的一方?
B)先填UCCB到LINE 236低的一方,再看新的LINE236再把CCE填在新的236低的一方?
C)先填CCE到LINE 236低的一方,再看新的LINE236再把UCCB填在新的236低的一方?
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