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but my concern is not how to make these adjustment entries - they're pretty straight forward to me; My concern is the controller isn't trying to understand any of the details and probably will not give any direction/or simply give an okay for me to make these adjusting entries for future; and at the same time, she insisted/assumed this "big" existing/accumulated debit balance should be offset by a credit somewhere in the B/S, instead of to affect P&L. How to deal with this type of boss?

To answer your question:
In our company, the IT is not be able to solve this issue (because if they want to, the company will need to implement a new system which will cost too much), so we, in accounting, need to make adjusting entries. I know it's hard to believe these cannot be revolved in the systems and needs accounting adjusting entries; I know most of the companies nowadays, they use "good" systems and do not have these issues but we do a lot adjusting entries because we use 3 different systems (this issue only involves 2) and they don't talk to each other - one of the systems is even DOS-command driven system...
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2018-11-25 -05:00
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